Date Dial Sealing Lid
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Fits a variety of Bowl sizes up 9.25"/23.5 cm Place lid on bowl Adjust Date Dial to desired date Press down lightly to create vacuum seal

Date Dial Sealing Lid

Item#: 74-7197
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Prolongs the life of your food by creating a vacuum seal using any bowl or pan.

  • Comes in 3 sizes (each sold separately)
  • Adjustable Date Dial feature can be set to indicate when your food was stored
  • Lids will nest for easy storage
  • Use with plastic, ceramic, glass and metal
Available in:
Small - 6.25"/15.9cm - 74-7195
Medium - 7.85"/19.9cm - 74-7196
Large - 9.25"/23.5cm - 74-7197